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In addition to many other (equally) important cases, Attorney DeMoon served as the prevailing lead counsel on the following noteworthy matters:

The Rosemont Riverboat Casino Case

Well known in the State of Illinois, this case began after Attorney DeMoon successfully defended against a challenge to the Illinois Gaming Board’s decision to strip the Silver Eagle Casino of its license to operate a riverboat casino on the Mississippi River.  When the casino threatened to appeal, the Governor of Illinois became personally involved in an attempt to resolve the matter by allowing the relocation of the riverboat to Rosemont, Illinois (a landlocked suburb of Chicago), which instead ignited a firestorm of litigation from competing casino investor groups.  The case took various twists and turns as the competing investors accused one another of ties to organized crime and other criminal activities.  Now, over a decade later, a replacement to the Silver Eagle casino remains unfinished (although ground was recently broken in Des Plaines, Illinois).  Experts peg the loss of State gaming tax revenue at approximately $1.3 billion.  The case serves as a reminder to Attorney DeMoon of the 'real world' costs of drawn out litigation (even when justified), which is why he is never afraid to ask whether a case can be settled before the parties reach the point of no return.

Integrated Research Services vs. The Illinois Securities Department

This case involved the Illinois ‘Blue Sky’ securities laws and a challenge to the State’s decision to prevent a company purporting to offer FOREX (foreign currency) trading to individual investors from operating in Illinois without first submitting to the regulation of the Illinois Securities Department.  With the case hinging on the definition of what constitutes an ‘investment contract’, Attorney DeMoon successfully argued the matter against the head of a major international law firm's securities department (and former General Counsel of the Chicago Board of Trade).  The Appellate Court later affirmed Attorney DeMoon’s work in a precedent setting decision.  Attorney DeMoon is especially proud of this case as a victory for stronger investor protection.

Aaliyah Haughton vs. Robert Kelly and the Illinois Department of Public Health

 Aaliyah Haughton and Robert Kelly are better known to the world as R&B superstars ‘Aaliyah’ and ‘R. Kelly’.  In one of Attorney DeMoon’s first cases, he successfully defended against a demand by Aaliyah’s attorneys that the State destroy all records of Aaliyah’s marriage to R. Kelly, which occurred illegally when Aaliyah was only 14.  At the time, this marriage was a closely guarded secret that was considered a threat to Aaliyah’s then budding career.  Although Attorney DeMoon prevailed in this case, he decided to help craft a subsequent resolution that protected the interests of the State along with the reputation of a young woman who was involved in a mistake at an early age.  The case thus helped teach Attorney DeMoon ‘the quality of mercy’.  Unfortunately, Aaliyah’s life later came to a tragic end when she was killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas.  R. Kelly was later tried on child pornography charges (and acquitted on all counts).

In Re Griswold Lake

Griswold Lake is a tiny body of water in Northern Illinois.  For years, nearby residents enjoyed the serenity and clean waters of the lake, protected by a wake restriction that effectively minimized power boating.  Unfortunately, the State allowed this restriction to accidentally lapse, and one of the wealthier residents of the area immediately seized upon the State's error by purchasing a new speedboat to allow her grandchildren to water ski on the lake (which if continued, could have destroyed shoreline, fishing opportunities and wildlife nesting grounds).  When the State realized its mistake and reinstated the wake restriction, the resident filed a lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  In his first circuit court trial, Attorney DeMoon successfully defended the reinstatement of the wake restriction against a deep-pocketed plaintiff and her attorney, who was also a professor at Notre Dame’s law school.  Attorney DeMoon remains proud to be part of this victory for both the environment and the sensible enjoyment of our waterways.

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